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Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina Designed in 8 Weeks an Innovative Automotive Camera Demister

Cách chơi DJ sốcCamera systems are beginning to replace mirrors in automobiles. They need to be demisted & operational in less than a minute. As more and more electronics are used in automobiles, power budgets have become critical design criteria.

Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina Manufactured 45 million Plastic Components Used for Drug Delivery with a Tolerance of Ten Thousandths of an Inch

A tier one medical OEM needed millions of plastic components used for drug delivery. Using automation and scientific molding Sanmina achieved less than 500 DPPM and delivered $900K savings on injection mold tool investment.

Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina Delivered Advanced Aerospace RF, PCB & PCBA Technology in Two Weeks

Cách chơi DJ sốcA tier one OEM developed a highly complex PCBA using MPAR technology for defense & aerospace applications. Sanmina’s unique combination of advanced PCB , PCBA & test engineering expertise enabled delivery of the first PCBAs in two weeks & 70 assemblies in two months.

Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina Re-designed a Surgical Fiber Optic System, Providing 40% More Light for Improved Patient Outcomes

Cách chơi DJ sốc A tier one medical company needed to improve the performance of a fiber-optic surgical light system & move production to an ISO 13485 certified low cost location. Sanmina’s fiber optic design & manufacturing expertise delivered 40% increase in LUX output & 25% cost reduction.

Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina Helped Design Satellite Technology that Captures Images of the International Space Station 220 Miles Away

When MDA wanted to re-imagine a new approach to low-cost, weight-optimized space-based Synthetic Aperture Radars, they partnered with Sanmina’s Optical and Microelectronic Division to define, design and build a disruptive new Transmit/Receive Module (TRM) design. Providing a broad range of design, prototype and NPI services, Sanmina provided TRMs to MDA, enabling MDA engineers to successfully image the International Space Station (ISS), travelling at 7.5 km/s, at a distance of 343 kilometers.

Consumer Medical Devices

Sanmina 4.0 Combines Industry 4.0, Lean Principles & Advances Global IT Systems to Deliver Value to Customers

Cách chơi DJ sốcSanmina 4.0 delivers value to customers in key areas including accelerating time to market, flexible demand management, simplifying the management of complex global supply chains, optimized cost, quality & regulatory compliance. Principles of interoperability, machine to machine communication, automation, IIoT & cloud computing are used to design & manage a global network of 75 state of the art manufacturing facilities.

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