Multiple Cable Technologies

Cách chơi DJ sốcFiber/RF • Copper • Military/Aerospace • Over mold • Harness

Consumer Medical Devices


Cách chơi DJ sốc Fiber-optic and RF cable systems designed & manufactured by Sanmina can be found in some of the world’s most innovative products where faster speed & greater bandwidth is required.



Cách chơi DJ sốc Sanmina has been designing and manufacturing copper based interconnect systems in industrial, medical, aerospace, military, financial and automotive applications for over 30 years.

Patient Monitoring


Cách chơi DJ sốc The world’s best known aerospace and military companies trust Sanmina to design and manufacture complex interconnect systems used in communication and control applications.

Medical Imaging & Large Systems


Integrated overmolding capability in the cable manufacturing plant provides customers with a complete interconnect solution for applications like video and data communication connectivity.

Blood Diagnostics


Cách chơi DJ sốc Complex interconnect systems designed and manufactured by Sanmina are integrated into many applications including power inverters, medical systems, ATM’s, vending machines and automobiles.

Blood Diagnostics


Sanmina combines PCBA and cable expertise to design and manufacture smart interconnection systems used in applications like thermal printers, data communications and computing.

Sanmina has capability to design and manufacture interconnection systems using a wide range of cable and connector technologies including RF, fiber-optic, copper, harnesses, military, aerospace, overmold, special and smart systems. Our experienced engineers have decades of experience in these technologies and in integrating them into complex applications including communications, medical, industrial and automotive systems.

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